I Fed My Gremlin After Midnight

**Warning: This rant is probably fueled by an inner hipster-esque gremlin that is slowly making its way through our water supply into every post-adolescent American adult’s gall bladder**

I’m just a college kid. I’m hoping to gear this rant toward fellow college students (and maybe even a few seniors in high school who indulge themselves in a false sense of maturity by browsing the internet for blogs.) But this has to do with music. Something everyone knows, everyone can enjoy, and everyone is equally at fault for.

Stop complaining everyone. Right now. Fucking stop.


That is exactly what it is. Music.

If I see one more person mention how Justin Beiber needs to walk off a cliff into a ravine filled with angry cocaine addicted barbers and instant pubic hair gluing machines I’m going to scream. Stop it.

I’m going to attempt to explain the way media works. The media is an awe inspiring entity that is fueled on red bull and attention. Kind of like sorority girls…or club rats, take your pick. The only way the media focuses on one news topic for so long is if there is still a demand for focus. It thrives on feedback.

Every time you post an angry status making a joke about some shit-wipe celebrity or under age diva you’re merely contributing to the cycle. Fun fact about the internet is that it is now a common practice to gear advertising to things that you search, articles you read, websites you visit, things you “like,” and more importantly, things you talk about on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever other new social media website is trending this month.

No matter how many times you insult something online you are still providing that something with publicity and simultaneously flooding your own monitor with stories, articles, and things that you claim to despise. It is a vicious cycle. Believe me, I know; fighting for the counter culture can tire any person out. But the best part about counter culture lays within the title itself. Counter culture is more diverse than it has ever been before. It’s not just hippies in the park or metal heads. We have everything from punks and hipsters to anime and country kids. Each is backed by their own genre of music and each is convinced that theirs is far superior than the rest.

Music is music. If someone enjoys it, it’s doing its job and you have no room to complain. I love everything from bluegrass to DIY punk. But I will jump on stage and dance like the whitest man alive the second I hear whatever song is topping the charts that week. Do I respect it? No. Do I walk up to people and tell them to stop dancing? No. I tolerate it.

Guess what, you’re mad that the kid down the hall from you won’t stop blaring Skrillex? Go into your room and listen to Trampled By Turtles. That girl at the party asked you to play Call Me Maybe…again? Gladly put the song on and walk away. The more passive you are about the entire situation the easier it works itself out. Maybe one day you can befriend that person and show them music that you enjoy, maybe they’ll like it, tell they’re friends, and one day the music you like will top the charts (and if you don’t want music you enjoy to play on the radio, go run your head into a wall, musicians need to eat.)

And if you can’t do that…if you can’t sit down and just tolerate all of this nonsense on the radio, just wait it out. Because folk will be the next big genre. It’s blowing up like house music.

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